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Mark Tompson is a highly professional 3D Technical Artist / Developer with over 20 years experience. Specialising in high quality 3d models & interactive applications.

  • Training, simulation & game solutions. High quality 3D immersive learning
  • 3D Models, supporting multiple formats for simulation, game & post production environments
  • VR / AR ( Mixed reality )
  • Animation
  • e-Learning
  • CG Artwork / Design visualisation
  • Interactive 3D WebGL, three.js

3d Models

Highly detailed, accurate 3d models can be built for game & simulation needs ( low poly ) or for visualisation, print, animation or film ( high poly ). All models are very carefully researched & understood, including any moving parts that may be needed.

Almost any output format, for many game engines or modeling packages can be supported. (inc OpenFlight .flt)

This model is for sale here & Turbosquid & cgtrader


Skateboard model available on the Unity Asset Store. here





Contact for a quote.

Serious Games

Fully interactive 3d applications can be built:

  • Simulation & Game environments.
  • Training. (inc CBT)
  • Product / architectural visualisation.
  • Entertainment or Education (inc museum / attraction displays).
  • Training and simulation solutions. Cost effective, high quality 3D immersive learning.
  • 18+ years experience in production of military, industrial & entertainment products.
  • Maintenance and parts catalogue applications.


Animations can be produced for trade shows, documentries, websites or film. These can be simple single shots e.g. rotations & exploded views, or fully edited short naratives. Composites with live footage is also possible, inc green screen work.


Fully interactive computer based training applications can be produced to suit any lessson requirements. These can benefit from state of the art 3d graphics & interactive 3D content.


Beautifully rendered 3d models can be used for all types of visualisation, interactive displays, print media including posters & books, architectural & product visualisation, website images.

Bluntnose Minnow for sale here.


3ds Max, Adobe, Unity ( multiple game engines, Multigen Creator, many misc graphics apps )





Physical 3D models can be produced.

3D Anaglyphs for still images or animations can be produced.

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I am sharing some of my work for free.

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